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Strict compliance can help take Halal products exports to $5b

Strict Compliance Can Help Take Halal Products Exports to $5b

Lahore – Halal meat is one of the fastest-growing markets globally, contributing around 16 per cent to world trade. Still, Pakistan’s share in the sector is below its actual potential, necessitating extra efforts from the government to give a much-needed boost to this sector.

  • It was stated by APBF founding president and TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification CEO Rashid Mehr.
  • He said that demand for halal products had increased manifolds because of the growing Muslim population worldwide, and the government should encourage exports of such products.

The CEO asked the exporters to continue to explore the world market and focus on research and compliance, which is a must while doing business in the global marketplace.

The strict halal compliance, quality certification, and state support could help take an export of halal products to $5 to $6 billion.

“TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification is doing the needful to promote halal products, but the government would have to come up with an incentive package to encourage exports of good quality Halal food,” he added.

  • Unfortunately, no Muslim country features among the top 10 halal meat exporters, although Pakistan, Sudan, and other Muslim nations can export meat on a big scale.
  • Rashid Mehr said Pakistan has a 100 per cent halal production base and has direct access to 470 million consumers in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
  • Pakistan has an excellent opportunity to gain a significant share in the global halal market by enhancing production and improving quality, he suggested.
  • He said that Pakistan could capture a sizeable share in the $3 trillion world halal food industry, but existing exports were no match to the country’s annual output of halal meat.
  • Experts have expressed optimism that Pakistan could triple halal food exports by formulating and implementing policies in association with the private sector.
  • Pakistan can play a significant role in the global halal meat industry and has the potential to become a market leader since it has all the required ingredients.

He pointed out that the TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification played a vital role in the expansion of the Halal food industry and taking all possible measures for promoting halal products by providing strict quality compliance.

The certification company has recently awarded various companies with its Halal Food Certification for their full compliance with Islamic dietary laws.

Halal Food Certification covers the issues related to Slaughtering/Zibah and considers the issues related to Halal ingredients and Good Manufacturing Practices, he added. Read More…