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Safe Tourism Certification

What is Safe Tourism?

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism initiated a safe Tourism Certification Program. This application includes the health and hygiene rules that facilities should do and the precautions they should take.

Safe Tourism

What is a Safe Tourism Certificate?

The Safe Tourism Certification, which is issued under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and run in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, covers a broad range of safety measures taken towards transport, accommodation, and health conditions of both hospitality employees and tourists.

This program helps to ensure the safety of foreign visitors. We will be checking that tourist facilities comply with a wide range of requirements that protect the health and safety of tourists and staff.

Is Pakistan a Safe Country for Tourism and Travel?

Yes! Pakistan is a Safe Country for Travel, and in fact, Pakistan has now been named the number one holiday destination for travelers by Conde Nast Traveler. Not only this, but Pakistan will host Global Tourism Forum in 2021. Pakistan is a land of high adventure and nature. From the bold, mighty and snowy mountains of the North to the vast flow of the Indus River in the South to the deserts, Pakistan has got it all! The variety of weather seasons and being home to some of the most beautiful and rare wildfire and underwater creatures make Pakistani the perfect place to visit.

What is the condition of Pakistan Now?

Pakistan is now a much better place than where it stood before. This is because we have worked hard to provide a safe environment to promote tourism. Nowadays, people are visiting Pakistan from different countries, and we have also seen that some well-known travelers have visited Pakistan. They all had very positive reviews about the country. This surely will help the government to revive its lost glory.

Why Choose TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification For Implementing Safe Tourism Certification Requirements

The Safe Tourism certification program covers both transportation and accommodation. For facilities to become certified, they must:

  • Provide the relevant training to employees
  • Conduct regular hygiene and health audits and compliance assessments
  • Meet customer expectations regarding protection against COVID-19
  • Comply with international health and safety standards for food and beverages
  • Have procedures in place for preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

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Is Pakistan Safe and Secure to Travel?

Although Pakistan consists of a vast population and is an ISLAMIC state, people living in Pakistan are very loving and welcoming.

All tourists are welcomed here with love and prosperity. However, the image of Pakistan is not as it is shown on other platforms. People are very calm and pure. In the last, yes, it is 100% SAFE & AND SECURE TOURISM. However, if you don’t contract with any inconvenience, you are all up to enjoy at your best.

What places are worth visiting?

NORTHERN parts of Pakistan are HEAVEN in the world. Other than that, you can visit big cities to explore the culture.

How is the Pakistani Food?

Although, Pakistan food is very Delicious, Mouthwatering and yes tasty. Street food is very famous in the two big cities Pakistan, KARACHI, and LAHORE. Biryani is the specialty of Karachi, which is a must-eat food dish. It would be best if you were brave enough to meet with the mixture of delicious spices.

However, the tourists in Pakistan enjoyed eating delicious Pakistani foodies from different cities and areas, one of the verified satisfactory levels.

Best Season to Visit Pakistan?

Although Pakistan has all FOUR SEASONS

But the best season to visit NORTHERN PARTS of Pakistan is summers or end of summers, from APRILOCTOBER because northern parts are in seasonal time. Still, the cities have hot days that are not recommended to visit even for PAKISTANIS and foreigners.

However, Pakistani loves visiting northern parts in winter to see SNOWFALL and minimum temperature for fun and enjoyment. But the GREENERY, the beauty is all seen in the summers and spring season.

The Safe Tourism Certification Program has been initiated for you to enjoy a healthier, safer, and more joyous holiday in Pakistan. You can click the button below and send an enquiry; you need to know about the measurements to protect against COVID-19.

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