TUV Austria offers the best services to its clients which includes the provision of qualified and experienced professionals.


These services have become essential in the current economic environment that is forcing companies to keep tight control over their expenses. Qualified and capable human resources are the backbone of any organization. In service industries, they account for a major component of cost for a company. Apart from salaries, there are significant costs in hiring and developing employees. Hence, more and more organizations prefer to outsource their personnel requirements to ' manpower supply services Providers' who can economically cater to their specific requirements.

Technical Manpower Supply Services By TUV Austria BIC

 TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification benefits clients in many ways. Our in-house team of technical staffing professionals has extensive technical insight and in-depth knowledge of the specialist discipline in which they operate. This has enabled us to deliver a high level of service to our manpower supply services clients for many years.

TUV Austria offers these services to their clients which include providing qualified and experienced Project Managers, Project Engineers, QA/QC Manager, Mechanical, E&I, Civil, HSE, Welding Engineers & Supervisors, Material Coordinators and other relevant competent resources as per specific requirements.

TUV Austria‘s Manpower Supply Services allow clients to employ the perfect candidates for both short and long-term employment. TUV Austria agrees on a recruitment fee as well as monthly payrollingwith a client for these scenarios, and a candidate is employed following rigorous and methodical recruitment and interview process. Employment can be with immediate effect or after an initial probationary period where the candidates are initially employed by TUV Austria.

The clients can concentrate on their principal/core business while reducing and controlling operational costs. This is also in line with increased access to qualified personnel and minimized recruitment time and expenses.