ISO 39001: 2012 Road Traffic Safety Management

What is ISO 39001: 2012 Road Traffic Safety Management System?

ISO 39001 demonstrates that the organizations are committed to public safety by minimizing traffic accidents. This standard has been published by ISO and it is responsible for road traffic safety.

ISO 39001: 2012 Road Traffic Safety Management

ISO 39001 Combines best practices and knowledge regarding road traffic safety and quality management systems into a single safety management tool. ISO 39001 Provides organizations with the opportunity to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the incidence and risk of death and serious injury related to road traffic crashes.

  • ISO 39001 RTS helps organizations to know and have control over their Road Traffic System.
  • Confirms the Organization has required tools to reduce/eliminate the risk of death and serious injuries
  • The standard is designed to help your organization to implement the best road safety practice
  • ISO 39001 RTS Standard promotes the use P-D-C-A (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle process approach.

What is the Vision Behind of ISO 39001?

  • Elimination of death and serious injury in the road transport system is the overarching goal.
  • A voluntary and complementary tool to legislation, addressing all organizations interacting with road traffic and driven by the needs of interested parties, including market forces.
  • An approach to utilize and disseminate “best practice”
  • Knowledge transfer from Traffic safety experts to the intended user community of the standard.

What are the Benefits of ISO 39001?

  • Meeting Organizational Social & Safety Targets
  • Ensure Quality and Road Traffic Safety
  • Achieve Objectives regarding road traffic safety
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Eliminate or minimize risk to employees on the road.
  • Improve employee’s attitude towards road safety
  • Improve compliance with legal requirements.
  • Continually Improves RTS performance
  • Show evidence of systematic arrangements are in place to carry out the RTS Policy
  • Be recognized as the first company to implement ISO 39001.

Eventually, These Could

  1. Reduce their costs
  2. Reduce insurance premiums
  3. Reduce medical bills
  4. Reduce compensation
  5. Reduce Lost Time.

How ISO 39001 is Relevant to Your Organization?

An organization’s road traffic safety management system will vary depending on the activity it is involved in, such as

  • Employees use the road transport system to and from work or on duty
  • Goods and passenger transport by the organization, or contracted to another organization
  • Activities that generate traffic to and from locations, such as supermarkets and schools
  • Service delivery and products for the road traffic, such as roads or vehicles.
  • More work-related fatalities occur on the road than anywhere else.

What Top Management Requires to Implement ISO 39001?

Top Management must determine leadership and commitment in a variety of ways, including

  • Establishing RTS policy and objectives consistent with the strategic direction of the organization
  • Integrating the RTS management system into the organization’s business
  • Adopting the elimination of death and serious injury in road traffic crashes as the long term objective, and setting interim targets
  • Working in partnership with interested parties in contributing to a safe road traffic system.

The organization must consider the relevance of the 10 following intermediate safety performance factors

  1. Road Design and Safe Speed (especially separation, roadsides, and intersections)
  2. Use of appropriate roads depending on vehicle type, user, type of cargo, and equipment
  3. Use of safe driving peed considering vehicle type, traffic, and weather conditions
  4. Use of personal safety equipment (restrains, helmets, lights)
  5. Driver Fitness (Fatigue, distraction, alcohol & drugs)
  6. Safe journey planning (need/amount/mode of travel, choice of route)
  7. Safe vehicles (vulnerable/occupant protection, crash avoidance/mitigation, roadworthiness, load security)
  8. Appropriate authorization for the class of vehicles.
  9. Removal of unfit vehicles and drivers/riders
  10. Post-crash preparedness, recovery, and rehabilitation.

What are the Challenges in Implementing ISO 39001?

  • The system is owned by only a group of people e.g. Safety Department / Committee
  • Top Management is not clear on their roles and responsibilities and thus lacks commitment.
  • The system is not integrated with the business processes.
  • Insufficient RTSMS awareness among employer/employee
  • Don’t know where to start/how to go about it.
  • Inadequate Knowledge on hazard, risks, legal requirements, and risk control techniques.
  • Inadequate resources for managing RTSMS e.g. Budget, Manpower, Knowledge, etc.


  • ISO 39001 is a best practice tool focused on the reduction and eventual elimination of a major organizational and social safety risk
  • ISO 39001 is relevant for many activities undertaken by many organizations
  • It requires top management to commit to taking a step up in reducing road traffic risk
  • It provides key direction on how to achieve this in ways that are relevant for each organization.

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What are the Key Features of ISO 39001?

  • The safety factors that need to be considered are based on research evidence and the best expert analysis about what works
  • They allow organizations to look again at what they are doing and identify new areas of focus for how they manage critical safety risks.

Why ISO 39001 is Important?

ISO 39001 is Important because

  • It allows you to implement road traffic safety(RTS) management systems that are less costly and more qualitative.
  • ISO 39001 helps to reduce serious injuries and deaths related to road traffic crashes.
  • This standard enables you to help organizations reach the desired objectives regarding road traffic safety (RTS).
  • It helps you to enhance customer satisfaction.

Who can Avail ISO 39001?

Any Organization – Large or Small, Profit or Non-Profit, Private or Public.

What are the Focus Points to Implement ISO 39001?

  • Setting up a system for Documentation and Records
  • Risk assessment and Management
  • Adapt to requirements of the ISO 39001 standard to your business,
  • Business Performance and Sustainability.
  • Cultural Improvement with respect to Road Traffic Management.

What are the Implementation Phases of ISO 37001: 2016?

  • Initial Visits & Review of the Existing System
  • Gap Analysis & Documentation
  • Training and Support for System Implementation
  • Internal Audit for Verification of Implemented System
  • Certification Audit
  • Rewarding ISO 39001 Certificate to the Organization.

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