ISO 3834 – Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials

What is ISO 3834 – Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials?

A quality management system is specific to welding processes and applicable to ISO 3834 fusion welding metallic materials independent of the manufactured products.

  • Process control system to ensure weld integrity and the fulfillment of design intent.
  • It complements ISO 9001 but can be a standalone system.

ISO 3834 - Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials

What are the requirements of ISO 3834 Certification?

The Standard System has six parts, which covers three levels of control

  • Part 1: Criteria for selection and use
  • Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements
  • Part 3: Standard Quality Requirements
  • Part 4: Elementary Quality Requirements
  • Part 5: Standards and Specifications which are necessary to conform to claim conformity to the quality of ISO 3834
  • Part 6: Guidance on Implementing ISO 3834.

What Areas to be Assessed During ISO 3834 Certification Process?

 The following areas will be assessed during this certification process:

  • Technical Review
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Welding Personnel
  • Inspection and Testing Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Welding and Related Activities
  • Welding Consumables
  • Parent Materials
  • Post-Weld Heat Treatment
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Non-Conformance and Corrective Action
  • Calibration and Validation of Measuring, Inspection, and Testing Equipment
  • Identification and Traceability
  • Quality Records

What are the Benefits of Implementing ISO 3834?

  • Improve Welding Quality
  • Management assurance that quality requirements will be met.
  • The contractual requirement from the client.
  • Improve service levels.

What are the Reasons for Implementing ISO 3834?

  • Reduce Customer Audits
  • Avoid gaps between QA/QC and the shop floor.
  • Improve utilization of resources
  • Improve Customer Confidence
  • Credibility & International Recognition
  • Competitive and Marketing advantage.

Why Promote Compliance to ISO 3834?

  • Improve the quality and safety of weld products!
  • Maximize use of local industry in domestic projects and maintenance programs
  • Improve our credibility in export and local markets
  • Built quality into the product and not via inspection

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