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ISO 20000 Certification – Why It is Crucial?

ISO 20000 Certification – Why It is Crucial?

Issued for the Information Technology (IT) service providers, ISO 20000 Certification is the International Standard for managing IT services and increasing their performance.

ISO 22000 Certification

The advantage of implementing ISO 20000 certification and enforcing an effective and strict IT service management (ITSM) system in the IT-based organization is that it improves the efficiency of their services.

5 Key Advantages of ISO 20000 Certification

Every expert quality assurance consultant advocates the implementation of ISO 20000 because of the following benefits:

  1. Increased Reputation
  2. New Opportunities
  3. Enhanced Productivity
  4. Reduced Costs for Operation
  5. Customer Satisfaction

1). Increased Reputation

With ISO Certification, an organization’s reputation increases in the market, creating new partners, suppliers’ customers, and other business stakeholders to see the association with the organization.

2). New Opportunities

Government and Public Sector authorities that seek IT services will first approach an organization that is ISO Certified. Therefore, certification opens up new scope for business contracts.

3). Enhanced Productivity

With the implementation of a strict ITSM system for compliance with ISO 20000 certification, every organization member, from top management to lower-level executives, must act to improve processes responsibly. Thus, overall efficiency will increase.

4). Reduced Costs for Operation

Enhanced processing for IT Services will increase employee efficiency and the decreased cost of operations for the organization.

5). Customer Satisfaction

With ISO 20000 , the organization will be recognized in the industry for its quality assurance efforts. Thus, its services will be demanded by customers and will be likely to satisfy customers more.

Key Takeaway

Increased productivity or efficiency, more satisfied clients, cost savings, and increased corporate reputation are your organization’s most prominent benefits from implementing ISO 20000 . Thus, to see your IT service business grow and experience global recognition, get ISO 20000 certified.

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