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ISO 14001 Certification – Why Businesses Should Consider It?

ISO 14001 Certification – Why Businesses Should Consider It?

With rising concerns about climate exhaustion of natural resources, different international authorities and public interest bodies emphasize the need for organizations to have an appropriate ISO 14001 Certification to minimize their environmental issues.

ISO 14001: 2015 Environment Management System

ISO 14001 certification is the specific certification issued by ISO for businesses to implement an EMS complying with best practices and regulations for environmental impact management. It helps them ensure that a greener approach is achieved in every sphere of their business and that there is an effective management system to improve their environmental protection services continually.

Need for Environmental Management

Societal expectations for sustainable development, transparency, and accountability have evolved;

  • With increasingly stringent legislation
  • Growing pressures on the environment from pollution
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • Improper waste management
  • Climate change
  • Degradation of ecosystems and 
  • loss of biodiversity

5 Business Related Advantages of the ISO 14001 Certification

Apart from addressing the worrisome environmental concerns of businesses, the ISO 14001 standard can provide some other remarkable benefits. These benefits can help to gain a competitive advantage. Here are a few to consider:

1). Reduced Costs

Having a proper environmental management approach means using renewable energy alternatives, ensuring less use of materials, and controlling the number of waste. All these contribute to cost savings.

2). Improved Corporate Image

In achieving compliance with an international standard, your organization is benchmarked for sustainability and environmental protection in the industry. This can attract more clients or business contracts because everyone is looking to partner with greener businesses.

3). Compliance with Legislation

The ISO 14001 standard incorporates all basic environmental regulations of national governments and local authorities. By achieving the certification, your organization can demonstrate its compliance with environmental legislation.

4). Reduction in Insurance Premiums

With an EMS, your organization has fewer risks of having environmental trouble or negligence and is liable to penalties.

5). Define CSR

Today, many businesses need CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to show their commitment to broader social and public concerns. Achieving ISO 14001 Standard helps them to cover a more general aspect of their CSR.

Key Takeaway

Achieving the ISO 14001 Certification helps organizations of all types and sizes to contribute towards environmental protection with specific practices and regulations implemented by an EMS.

Besides enabling them to have a consistent management system for handling environmental issues and achieving sustainability, it helps them have tremendous success with other achievements like cost efficiency, compliance with legislation, and improved reputation.

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