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Assistant Manager Admin


- Lahore , Pakistan

Education: Bachelor’s/ Master’s Experience: 05 year experience of office administration in medium or large size service industry. Salary Range: PKR 45,000/-/- to PKR 50,000/-/- Responsibilities:

Office Administration:

1. Ensure provision, maintenance and uninterrupted supply of utility services in office such as electricity, gas, water, telephone, fax, stationary etc. etc.
2. Ensure a cleaned and organized outlook of office by implementing best possible housekeeping practices.
3. Check security arrangements of office premises and ensure safety of organizational assets and employees.
4. Ensure all security controls (CCTV Cameras, Fire Protection System) are in place and all preventive measures are in plan.
5. Ensuring company assets are being utilized in best possible manner, keeping in consideration cost effectiveness and maintain quality standards.
6. Prepare monthly performance report pertaining to administrative issues and utilization of company assets and present to the senior management
7. Responsible to deal with the government departments and local agencies such as Wapda, Sui Gas, PTCL, Social Security, Labor Department, Civil Defense, Irrigation, City District Government, WASA, Police dept., Courier agencies etc.etc, on various matters when required.
8. Develop relations with Key government institutions and officers to get official work expedited.
9. Ensure resolution of all issues related to government, legal offices.
10. Identify workplace hazards and take proactive actions in order to evade unpleasant situations.
11. Administrative coordination and execution of corporate events, conferences, dinners, roadshows etc. etc.

Vendor Management:

1. Comply with vendor selection and management policy as and when purchase of furniture, fixtures, office equipment, air conditioners, UPS, Generator, office supplies, stationery etc. etc. is required.
2. In case of any procurement and office repair and maintenance work, a budget must be approved in advance. To ensure cost effectiveness keeping in view the quality standards, quotation must be acquired from at least 03 vendors.
3. Negotiates service agreements with vendors.

Human Resource Management:

1. Arrange weekly meeting with subordinates and janitorial staff in order to ensure strong follow up and preventive measures.
2. Once in a month take out Admin team on dinner to discuss the issues, objectives and reward them on their performance.
3. Ensure that all admin staff should wear proper dress, colors and practice personal hygiene in their daily routine.Ensure their continuous training on personal hygiene and office decorum.
4. Security clearance of the lower staff including tea boys, janitors, drivers and guards
5. Develop a data base of lower staff including tea boys, janitors, drivers and guards.

Record Management:

1. Prepare and maintain reports related to all company assets and suggest improvements to optimize efficiency.
2. Maintain records such as generator log book & fuel record, office equipment maintenance record, inward and outward gate pass for all assets, inventory / stock management of stationery, office and kitchen supplies.
3. Implementation of vehicle management system. Maintain vehicles log book and their maintenance record and daily checklist. Get the maintenance executed at due time Keep track of token payments to ensure timely payment.

CEO’s Residence & Farmhouse Administration:

1. Handle all administrative tasks and issues related to CEO’s residence such as procurement, repair & maintenance, security, etc. etc.
2. Hiring of lower staff such as Drivers, Cook, Security Guard, Kitchen Helper, Maid, Nanny etc. Handle their work related issues and maintain attendance & leave record for monthly salary process. Maintain a comprehensive Database for immediate replacement of lower staff.
3. CEO’s personal finances, record keeping and filling. Keep a track and ensure timely deposit of all bills including utility, school fee bills, credit cards, club membership & laundry etc. etc.
4. Handle and keep record of all administrative tasks and issues related to Farmhouse such as animal feeds requirement, vet doctor’s visit requirement, and utility bills. Salaries and all purchasing etc. etc.
5. Ensure maintenance and proper cleaning of Farm House through sweepers. Make sure all appliances are functional at farm house properly including generators, electricity, lights and dish TV.
6. Maintain complete record of agriculture land including gardens owned by CEO.
7. Any other responsibility assigned by CEO.


1. Proactively shares information and works in mutual learning environment, seen as a leader by all of his team.
2. Willingness to adapt the way of approaching an issue without actually adapting own tactics.
3. Considered as a personality who will not compromise on company policies and procedures in any given situation; seen as role model for portraying as a true professional.
4. English and Urdu Communication /skills (both written & oral).
5. Highly Motivated & Energetic and have a huge Appetite for Work & Growth.
6. Proficient in using Microsoft Office tools particularly expertise in worked, excel and power point.
7. Time management, Teamwork.
8. Willing to work in different departments with different teams.
9. Ability to manage multiple tasks.
10. Knowledge and skills of all Admin Functions
11. Negotiation, and People Skill.
12. Decision Quality & Problem Solving Skills.
13. Cost Consciousness.


1. Maintain supply and demand of all office related equipment.
2. Provide smooth, professional administrative support to ensure uninterrupted operational activities.
3. Execute administrative tasks, ensuring the rest of the staff has adequate support to work efficiently.
4. Ensuring clean, and conducive working environment.

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