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Assistant Manager IT (Server Management)


- Lahore , Pakistan

Education: Graduate (BCS, BIT) OR Relevant Degree Experience: 3 years to 6 years of relevant experience Salary Range: PKR 45,000/-/- to PKR 50,000/-/- Responsibilities:

1. Maintaining and administering computer server and related computing environments including systems software, applications software, hardware, and configurations.

2. Performing disaster recovery operations and data backups when required.

3. Protecting data, software, and hardware by coordinating, planning and implementing server security measures.

4. Troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving server hardware, software, and other network and server

5. Replacing faulty server hardware components when required.

6. Maintaining, configuring, and monitoring virus protection software and email applications.

7. Monitoring server performance to determine if adjustments need to be made.

8. Operating master consoles to monitor the performance of server and computer systems.

9. Coordinating computer server access and use.

10. Manage information technology and Client / Server environment.

11. Be familiar with Firewalls and Corporate Antivirus Implementation.

12. Knowledge of Mailing Servers (Exchange & Mdaemon).

13. Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software.

14. Provide orientation to new users of existing technology.

15. Train staff about potential uses of existing technology.

16. Provide individual training and support on request.

17. Provide recommendations about accessing information and support.

18. Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources.

19. Monitor and maintain technology to ensure maximum access.

20. Troubleshoot all technical issues.


1. Exceptional English Communication Skills (both written & verbal).

2. Highly Motivated & Energetic and have a huge Appetite for Work & Growth.

3. Proficient in using Microsoft Office tools particularly expertise in word, excel and power point.

4. Time management, Teamwork & Team Management.

5. Ability to manage multiple tasks.


1. Maintains information technology strategies by managing users; researching and implementing technological strategic solutions.

2. Maintains organization's effectiveness and efficiency by defining, delivering, and supporting strategic plans for implementing information technologies.

3. Timely and accurate resolution of escalated Server issues including.

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