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Lead Auditor ISMS (ISO 27001)


- Lahore , Pakistan

Education: Bachelor’s in Information Technology OR Relevant degree. Experience: Minimum 3-4 year of experience in Data Security, Network Security, preferably should have 02 years’ experience in implementation of ISO 27001. Salary Range: PKR 100,000/-/- to PKR 110,000/-/- Responsibilities:

1. To visit client(s) to perform Information Security Management System.
2. Prepare Audit programme prior to the audit activity and dispatch at least 1 week before the audit where applicable. In case of WRAP no audit program needs to be sent.
3. Carry out pre-audit briefings when required in team audits.
4. To train / update Technical Expert (TE) and knowledge sharing related to auditing process according to requirements of relevant standard and auditing guidelines.
5. Perform as a team leader for the audit team at the opening and closing meetings and during the performance of the audit. (Team Leader is equal to Lead Auditor)
6. After completion of audit, review and approve, any non-conformance raised during the audit.
7. To provide audit reports to the Scheme department within 03 working days after audit.
8. To ensure Audits and Assessments are performed in accordance with requirements as defined in TUVAT BIC work instructions, procedures and ISO 17021 guideline.
9. Understanding of the standard ISO 17021 is a must.
10. To reply on the queries related to audit pack raised by the relevant Scheme Office within 24 hours.
11. To abide by the audit code of conduct and Zero tolerance policy.
12. Recovery of invoices from the client at the end of audit.
13. Responsible for quality of audit reports i.e. to write effective and objective report and every report should be different and copy paste or report
of the previous audit with name change shall not be acceptable at any cost.


1. Excellent Communications skills both English and Urdu (Verbal/Oral)

2. Good PR Skills

3. Pleasant personality / Presentable

4. Letter writing / drafting skills

5. Proficient in MS Office (PowerPoint)


1. Responsible for timely execution of audits at client’s site with the right skills and technical experts according to ATJF.

2. Punctuality is must.

3. To spend the required number of days and hours at client site, to start the audit between 08:00 am to 09:00 am and spend minimum 8 hours or more at site.

4. Responsible for submission of audit reports within 03 days for timely issuance of certificates.

5. Should have information security knowledge.

6. Must have prior knowledge of the industry and the client.

7. Preferably Should have ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor Certificate.

8. Preferably Should have passed ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Course.

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