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- Lahore , Pakistan

Education: DAE (Mechanical) with RT,UT,PT Level II, CSWIP, LEEA level 01 certified. Experience: At least 4~5 years of experience in lifting & construction equipment inspection, those who have experience in welding inspection would be preferred. Salary Range: PKR 35,000/-/- to PKR 45,000/-/- Responsibilities:

1. To receive inspection assignments from Inspection Coordinator.
2. To coordinate with client for execution of job.
3. Prepare documents according to checklists for execution of assignment.
4. Perform physical inspection as per the scope of work.
5. Preparation of inspection report and submit to client.
6. Prepare monthly inspection report on inspection assignments and submit to Manager IA.
7. Submission of Invoices and invoices details to client / Inspection Coordinator.
8. Prompt response to client(s) regarding technical matters.
9. To coordinate with sub-contractors where required for different services.
10. To advise information about invoice and assignment instructions to Inspection Coordinator / Invoices department.
11. To review and submit reports to client and international office in case inspection involves internationally.


1. Good Business Ethics.
2. Excellent Negotiation Skills.
3. High Professional Integrity.
4. Excellent Interpersonal Skills.
5. Having project and operations management skills.
6. Ability to perform and manage multi tasking.
7. Proficient in MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, etc).


1. Demonstrate honesty, integrity, impartiality, transparency, confidentiality at all times with employees, suppliers, c
clients and shareholders.
2. Strengthen relationship with all existing clients.
3. Ensure performance of assignment as per client directives, specifications, and avoid any negligence in performing
4. Keep record of all client communication and inspection reports.
5. Ownership of company related policies and procedures.
6. Ensure implementation of HSE standards at all times.
7. Ensure compliance with HR rules and regulations at all times.
8. Implementation of handbook policies.

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