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Communication Tower Inspection

Communication Tower Inspections

Communication Tower Inspections are a vital part of maintaining safe working conditions. Several aspects of each structure may be changed with all of the recent modifications. A greater frequency of inspections will benefit everyone involved.

How to Conduct Communication Tower Inspection?

Communication Tower Inspections are vital to maintaining and preventing equipment and tower failures. Full detailed inspections should be performed on an annual basis. Detailed reports should record all information needed for your customer to understand the structure’s condition accurately and if anything is needed for repair on the structure.

Communication Tower Inspection

This may vary depending on your customer or your company’s requirements. Our goal while performing Communication tower inspections is to prevent failures before they happen.

A few items need to be taken into consideration during the inspection process.

  • The first thing you will want to examine is the general site conditions. Water is not collecting around the foundations, which can lead to erosion over time.
  • The next step is to move to the tower base and the foundations. Verify that the foundations are above grade to prevent accelerated corrosion on any steel and that there’s no crackling, Spaulding, or shifting occurring with the concrete. Look closely at the base to ensure no cracking around the flange or the base welds.
  • Now on to Aerial Toddler Inspections and ascending the entire length of the tower, pay close attention to all the towers section.
  • Now for anchors, If you’re working on a guide tower, you’ll want to inspect all the anchor points closely. This procedure may vary slightly depending upon your customer’s requirements for your company standards.

Communication Tower Inspection Report

An inspection of the tower and associated steelwork, antenna systems, and feeders will occur once a year. An inspection completion report will be provided (including photographs).

  • Checks on safety requirements: platform grillage, kickboards, handrails, anti-climb, tail ok, and ladder.
  • 50% of total installed bolt check (condition and torque).
  • Paint condition check.
  • Antenna and feeder schedule correlation.
  • Visual inspection of feeder waterproofing and replacement where required. Check all antenna and feeder earth and replacement where needed.
  • Visual inspection of coaxial and waveguide feeder routing for security and physical damage.
  • Antenna mountings security check.
  • Physical inspection of Fast Transient Earthing.
  • Identification of any hazards or items requiring immediate attention.


This tower inspection is not a complete structural survey. It is recommended that a full structural survey (to include Structural Analysis / Wind loading Calculations) is completed once every three years or after any significant changes to the equipment on the tower if this is within this period. If a complete survey is required during this contract, the Sub-Contractor will price this as variation works.

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