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Certified Green Power

Certified Green Power

Certified Green PowerNATURKRAFT is a subsidiary of EAA-EnergieAllianz Austria. Energie Burgenland AG holds a ten-per cent stake, and EVN AG and Wien Energie GmbH have a 45-per cent stake, one of Austria’s most environmentally-friendly electricity suppliers.
The company has set itself to supply electricity to customers exclusively from renewable energy sources (water, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, solar, etc.). The origin of its electrical power and the associated environmental impacts are checked annually by TUV AUSTRIA and confirmed through a certificate.

Certified Green Power TUV Austria

TUV AUSTRIA checks NATURKRAFT’s supply sources to provide consumers, companies, cities, and municipalities with the assurance that the green electricity they purchase is produced sustainably in Austria. NATURKRAFT receives a relevant confirmation from TUV AUSTRIA if it is established that the electricity comes from the renewable sources that customers have been assured of.